Papier d’Arménie labeled a “Centenary Family Company” (Entreprise Familale Centenaire, EFC)


Today, out of 2.7 million businesses in France, only 1,450 are Centenary Family Companies.

While nowadays dates are increasingly exploited by companies that are no longer family-owned, those that have remained within a single family for over 100 years are the exception. They have, over all others, a truly legitimate claim to antiquity. These companies – which have been able to preserve their know-how, quality and client respect while adapting to the environment – are seldom recognised and valued, despite their being part of our economic heritage.


The EFC label is currently the only symbol certifying the centenary family transmission that makes these companies stand out. It is unique, unequivocal and sets these companies apart from brands that stress their antiquity but are no longer family-owned.



Papier d’Arménie labeled a “Living Heritage Company” (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, EPV) 


The “Living Heritage Company” label is awarded by the State to French companies as a sign of recognition of artisanal and industrial know-how excellence.

Delivered by the State following a thorough process, the aim of this label is to reward small and medium-sized companies of emblematic French industrial and artisanal excellence.


Its criteria include in particular the mastery of advanced, renowned or traditional know-how – generally associated to a specific region – and allow for the high added value of “made in France” production to be stressed to national and international buyers.



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